Maddy + Thomas, Deer Creek

It’s a pretty common joke that Utah weather is a little… well, all over the place. Raining one minute, only to be sunny the next, and then it snows later that night. So naturally, sometimes, you get these strange days where you can stand on a frozen lake in short sleeves (almost comfortably)!

I don’t think it’s really a secret that I’m craving spring. So despite the fact that there was snow and ice all around us, I think it’s fun to pretend! ESPECIALLY with these two. It was one of those sessions where I drive home feeling rejuvenated, having had an energizing boost like a cup of coffee in the morning. Maddy & Thomas are a couple of the most down to earth, kind hearted people. Plus they are just so sweet to each other.

I’m telling you, this is why I love my job!

Lexis Taylor